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Pick-up and crop flow

VARIANT 485-460

Permanently hungry –
leaving nothing behind.

  • High intake capacity: controlled pick-up, 2.10 m or 2.35 m wide
  • (Folding) oscillating castor guide wheels keep the pick-up on track
  • Perfect crop flow, thanks to optimised double-roller crop press
  • Clear view of pick-up for high work rate

VARIANT 485-460

Controlled pick-up.

The VARIANT was the first round baler with a 2.10-m pick-up. Its formidable intake capacity and amazing productivity still impress today. The pick-up working height is adjustable without the use of a tool. Another key feature is the intelligent pick-up control. This enhances crop flow, particularly in short crop material, and significantly increases the machine’s service life. The VARIANT 485 / 465 and 480 / 460 can even be fitted with a 2.35-m pick-up.

VARIANT 485-460

Castor guide wheels.

For all working widths, the pick-up's large castor guide wheels provide uniform suspension and keep the device on track at all times. That means optimum ground-contour following, and protects the grass cover even at high speeds and around curves. All models feature tool-free guide wheel height adjustment. The new folding mechanism provides increased convenience, since the guide wheels no longer have to be removed for travel on the road. The folding mechanism is available as optional equipment.

Double-roller crop press.

The optional double-roller crop press has proven itself thousands of times over, and is constantly being improved upon. It compresses the crop perfectly, speeds up the crop flow considerably, and ensures active feeding of the crop to the rotor.

NEW: Coupling

Instead of the shear bolt on the pick-up, pick-ups with a single or double-roller crop press now have a coupling as standard equipment. This enables you to utilise the maximum power and speed of the baler with no risk of downtime from the shear bolt breaking off. This technology is already proven on the QUADRANT.

Outstanding visibility at high speeds.

You have a clear view of the pick-up at all times, enabling you to boost the work rate even further if required. You can operate the machine right up to the limit according to the crop and crop flow required, generating maximum productivity.

  • Technical data I Pick-up.
    2.10-m pick-up
    2.35-m pick-up
    Single-roller crop press with coupling
    Double-roller crop press with coupling
    Castor guide wheels
    Folding castor guide wheels
    Controlled pick-up

    □ Available