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TUCANO 450-320

Data management.

TUCANO 400-300

TUCANO 450-320

Data management.

Data management.

TUCANO 400-300


A full overview with just a click of the mouse.

The CLAAS TELEMATICS feature gives you comprehensive access to all the important data for your combine anytime, anywhere via the internet. Enjoy the benefits of TELEMATICS.


The FLEET VIEW app from CLAAS allows the grain transport team in your harvesting fleet to be coordinated in such a way that the combine harvesters can keep on working without downtime. The app continuously informs all the operators in near real time about the positions of all the machines in the fleet and their current grain tank fill levels.


Improve work processes.

A report comprising an operating time analysis and other important machine evaluations is sent to you by e-mail each day. This enables you to review the specific data from the previous day and determine when and how efficiently the combine operated before you start work again. The machine's working tracks can additionally be viewed together with the event log in order to optimise transport logistics. TELEMATICS enables planned fleet management and helps avoid unprofitable idle time.

TUCANO 400-300

Simplify documentation.

Use TELEMATICS to export the relevant data to your field catalogue and save valuable time. Transfer data on area-specific yields, for example.

Optimise your settings.

Use your personal access to the TELEMATICS web server to quickly compare the performance and harvesting data for your machines so that you can fine-tune the settings for optimal results under all conditions every day.

TUCANO 400-300

Automatic documentation.

This function automatically documents and processes all process data. As an extension to TELEMATICS, automatic documentation transfers the work data relating to specific field deployments to the server, where they are interpreted and processed – all without any intervention by the machine operator. Data interpretation and processing are based on the field boundaries previously uploaded from your system. Further processing is straightforward, as all machine-relevant data can be exported in IsoXML format.

TUCANO 400-300

Yield mapping.

Job management in CEBIS.

Manage your jobs with CEBIS. AGROCOM MAP START software from CLAAS additionally allows you to prepare customer and parcel data to be run and processed via CEBIS.

  • All data is backed up when a specific task is completed or the working day comes to an end
  • The data can be printed out on the combine or transferred via a USB stick
  • All data can be viewed and processed further on a PC
  • Daily counts, crop counts and total counts can also be displayed and printed in CEBIS

Job management on the S10 terminal

TUCANO 400-300

Yield mapping in CEBIS.

With the help of the data from the job management function, you can use your TUCANO to perform yield mapping. The sensors in the TUCANO measure the the yield and grain moisture. At the same time, CEBIS adds geographical coordinates obtained from GPS satellites. All the measured data is stored, and can be transferred using a USB stick. The AGROCOM MAP START software is included to enable you to produce informative yield maps to use as a basis for your future production strategy.

Remote Service. Your gateway to the connected world of CLAAS.

Enter a new service era with us, made possible by new technologies.

Benefit from the intelligent networking of CLAAS machines. This allows your sales and service partner to access your machine and your specific data directly for a faster and more immediate response to your maintenance and servicing needs. And the great thing about it is that CLAAS covers the cost of Remote Service for 5 years. All you have to do is give your consent.

TUCANO 400-300

How you benefit from Remote Service.

Faster troubleshooting.

  • Machine identifies fault and informs the operator
  • Machine sends error message to the service partner
  • Service partner identifies the fault remotely

Your benefit: Immediate troubleshooting as the spare part can be delivered and installed on site.

TUCANO 400-300

Proactive service planning.

  • Machine informs the service partner of upcoming servicing requirement
  • Service partner suggests appointment time for the service
  • Service partner orders CLAAS ORIGINAL consumables in advance according to the service scope

Your benefit: Servicing is completed without delay.

TUCANO 400-300

Register now. How to obtain Remote Service.

  • Give your consent on purchase or handover of the machine
  • If you are already a TELEMATICS customer:
 approval via the TELEMATICS website at www.claas-telematics.com
  • EASY Shop: order online at easyshop.claas.com1

At CLAAS, our customers' business security is paramount in everything we do. We therefore follow a simple rule – with CLAAS Remote Service the customer is always in full control.

  • You own your data
  • The communications link used is 100% secure
  • No yield data is transmitted – only data relating to machine status and performance, diagnostics and operating conditions is shared

1 Not available in every country.