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AXOS 340-310

A true friend and partner.

The AXOS is a machine for daily use. With its compact dimensions, it delivers enormous flexibility for a wide variety of jobs.

AXOS 340-310

A true friend and partner.

The AXOS is a machine for daily use. With its compact dimensions, it delivers enormous flexibility for a wide variety of jobs.

Hydraulics + PTO. Muscle power put to good use.

A design of pure genius.

The AXOS, a simple yet sophisticated design: 50/50 weight distribution and an exceptionally long wheelbase enable the machine to generate high levels of tractive and lifting power while enhancing comfort on the road, even with heavy implements fitted.

The exemplary design facilitates operation with reduced front ballasting while delivering a maximum continuous lift capacity of 3,800 kg (measured at 610 mm), with numerous benefits for the operator, including increased load capacity and reduced fuel consumption.

Intelligent control.

A mechanical and an electronic control system (TCE 9) are available to operate the linkage. The TCE 9 system is characterised by an array of impressive functions and benefits to greatly facilitate day-to-day operations, including vibration damping, quick-entry system and lift-height limiter. Implements are precision-controlled by the TCE 9 system, and a high standard of on-road comfort is guaranteed.

Convenient linkage operation.

In both operating variants, the linkage can be controlled externally. With TCE 9, for instance, the rear linkage is operated via two pushbuttons on the mudguards, providing safe and convenient implement attachment.

The perfect PTO speed for every application.

The AXOS delivers up to three PTO speeds for a range of day-to-day operations:

  • 540 rpm ECO for lighter equipment such as a tedder or swather
  • 540 rpm standard.
  • 1,000 rpm for heavy applications such as a feed mixer or rotary harrow

Whether using a fertiliser spreader or drum mower, the PTO shaft is engaged smoothly, regardless of the implement attached – with either mechanical or hydraulic action.

The perfect solution for every hydraulic requirement.

With a flow rate of 55 l/min, the hydraulic pump can meet any requirement. Up to three mechanical spool valves can be attached with optional equipment.

Operation is via either a single lever or a 4-way control lever located conveniently on the right-hand side console. The spool valves feature lock-up units, kick-out function and flow controller with flow-rate function. You have the option of switching between single and double-acting functions.

Forage harvesting specialist.

The CLAAS front linkage and front PTO have been specially developed for the AXOS. Thanks to its compact design, the front linkage is integrated into the tractor and a high ground clearance of up to 49 cm is maintained.

With a maximum lift capacity of 2,800 kg, even extremely heavy front attachments can be used. The lift rams are dual-acting and can be operated in floating mode. This ensures that front-mounted implements follow the ground contours evenly. The lift arms can be fully raised so that the AXOS retains unrestricted manoeuvrability.

Tailor-made for mowing.

The front linkage is located very close to the front axle. This ensures outstanding weight distribution and accurate control of front-mounted equipment. A lift range of 750 mm means that it is possible to drive over even very tall grass swaths without disturbing them.

The position of the front PTO has been specifically chosen for use with front mowers. The drive shaft angle between tractor and mower is ideally suited to full power transfer. The mower is connected progressively and electrohydraulically via a switch in the side console on the right. A simple tap of the finger is all it takes.